Helen Knight Associate

Helen Knight

Helen is a senior strategic planner and urban designer with extensive experience in both consulting and local government in Australia and overseas.

Helen regularly manages major projects for Planisphere, which often includes the co-ordination of multi-disciplinary consultant teams.  Helen's experience encompasses urban design, heritage planning, landscape assessment, structure planning, urban regeneration and strategic and statutoryplanning, in a variety of urban, regional and rural settings.

She has a keen appreciation of the built environment and a desire to better utilise the planning system to create urban places that are sustainable, memorable and people-focused. She brings a thoughtful and conscientious approach to her work, and produces high quality written and visual products.

Helen enjoys the process of working collaboratively with clients, the community and other consultants to develop a broad strategic vision for each project. She is skilled in translating this vision into detailed built form and public realm recommendations which can be readily implemented in the planning scheme or through ongoing management practices.  Her training in architecture is evident in her work and her ability to reflect this in writing is a rare talent. Helen has been actively involved in the profession previously serving as the Urban Design Convenor on the PIA (Vic) Committee.

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