All planning processes and projects involve communicating with an audience at some stage. The art of communication is to provide the right information to the right people in the right way, and at the right time.

In some cases information dissemination is all that is required; in others communication takes the form of consultation, asking for opinions or comment; sometimes empowerment techniques are appropriate. The correct targeting and choice of methods by which the varying forms of communication are delivered can be vital to the success of a planning process.

communication and engagement

The Planisphere team has the capabilities and skills to match communication techniques with corporate and community objectives. We have many years of experience in developing communication and engagement strategies, the ability to provide clear advice and directions, and access to top quality graphic design skills to visually interpret information.

We are committed to the core values of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). IAP2 is the preeminent international organisation advancing the practice of public participation which provides a range of training including the internationally-renowned Certificate in Public Participation. Planisphere is a member of IAP2 and we have IAP2 certified staff.


Our experience includes communication processes for highly emotive planning issues, long term projects and 'big picture' subject matter, using a variety of electronic, verbal and written techniques such as computer modelling, architectural rendering, displays, brochures, newsletters, disposable cameras and picture boarding.
We offer:

  • Exemplary skills in communicating clearly to lay audiences about planning and strategic issues
  • Discriminating use of information dissemination, participation and consultation techniques
  • Facilitation techniques that are well-structured, non-confrontational but assertive
  • Top quality graphic design capabilities from design concept to production of printed or electronic information
  • 3D computer modelling and specialist mapping skills
  • Access to top architectural renderers